ESAT du RANGEN / Association Au Fil de la Vie – France

The ESAT DU RANGEN was founded in 1987 by the parental association « Au Fil de la Vie » as a «Service Support Through Work ». Today, 56workers with disabilities (mainly mental handicap, intellectual disability and psychical troubles) are working on production activities such as: Laundry,painting, landscaping, industrial subcontracting, housekeeping. Most of our workers are young people under 30 years old and a large part of themshare the dream to work in the mainstream labor market. Our professional team consists of 16 persons : technical educators, social educators,paramedical, commercial, service and administrative staff.The non profit organization AU FIL DE LA VIE was founded 50 years ago and is affiliated to the National Union of Associations of parents of personswith intellectual disabilities and their friends.Our activities responds to a social need of our territory of implantation : Educational Institute (IME Jacques Hochner), Foster Home (Foyer MaisonEmilie), early diagnosis service (CAMPS), home education service (SESSAD), adapted leisure activities (Au Fil des Loisirs), a Service SupportThrough Work (ESAT du Rangen) and a new one SESAM’Emploi Service of Evaluation and Support dor Access and Sustain to main labour marketfor people with mental disabilities.Au fil de la Vie, consists of almost 110 professionals currently accompaning more than 400 people, children, adolescents and adults with mentaldisabilities.Our philosophy “All life is indispensable and unique in the great human chain. Everyone, regardless of their origins, their intellectual, physical andmental abilities has the right to fundamental respect and dignity throughout their lives.

Since 1987, the ESAT du Rangen offers possibilities of Services and Support through work to young people with mental disabilities and mentalhealth difficulties.We have an agreement for 50 places, granted by the Regional Health Agency. Our aim is to facilitate young people’s development, by the discovery,the valuation and the exploitation of their personal and professional capacities.We offer them professional activities and medico-social in order to encourage their personal development.We are looking for the conditions of an occupational and social integration.Our activities serve as supports to the acquisition of professional and social skills and we also work on the recognition of prior learning andcertification.We also welcome all year long, young people aged from 16 to 20 from the Special Educational Needs Institutes of the region, for immersion periodsto assess their skills or know-how.We have a more structured partnership with the Institute of our association and host fifteen young people for pre-professionalization periods.The guideline of all our activities follows the framework of the strategic axes of our association :- For a lasting and innovative association.- For a real effectiveness of the rights of people with disabilities and of their families.- For benefits based on needs. – For the integration of our actions into the environment of the person.- For a person who is an actor of his pathway of life.- For a sustainable developmentThus we develop, in addition to our contracted activities, projects aiming access to citizenship, autonomy, the development of selfdetermination, peersupport… within the framework of social support.The ESAT du Rangen is a member of “TOUS COMPETENTS ALSACE” and promotes recognition of prior learnings.The competences acquired are recognised by the award of the title „Différent et compétent“ and/or by a diploma through accreditation of experience.Each year, at least one worker from each sector presents his recognition of prior learning, regardless of his or her cognitive abilities.