The partner organization of the project INSIDEE hold a Joint staff training to introduce Blended Course for Trainers and Learning Materials for final users to the secondary target group, namely youth workers, trainers, mentors and other relevant stakeholders, in order to let them discover and experience and assess the tools and methods created.

The Joint staff training took place on 5th, 6th and 7th of July in Thann, France. It was organized by the Partner Coordinator Au Fil de la Vie (FR) and counted with the participation of representatives from all partners organizations – on-place.

Youth workers/Trainers from France, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Bulgaria gained knowledge how to transfer importance of eco-gestures, how to raise awareness of the major issues of society, how to reflect green thinking on everyday life, and how encourage to become an environmental responsible European citizen.

Important part of the group were young people with intellectual disabilities from Esat du Rangen. 

The participants had a Field trip to Ungersheim, a village in transition to introduce the content of the 5 modules of the INSIDEE learning materials :  Sustainable food, Water management, Renewable energy, Sustainable cities, Waste management. Is was interesting and inspiring to see how the village is planned and developed as a sustainable village:

  • Installation of a photovoltaic park on roofs with a power of 5.3 MW
  • Construction of a system for sun-heating network that supplies 7 municipal buildings:​ the swimming pool, the school group, the cultural and sports space
  • 40% reduction in energy consumption of public lighting at car parks, public buildings, cycle path and installation of dimmers
  • Creation of an organic vegetable farms, local organic food and market
  • Realization of an ECO HAMLET – around 20 passive houses

The participants became familiar with the developed training materials, had discussions and shared experience. They were interested to try some of the tools for final users in special workshops, connected with the topics:

  • Sustainable food
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable cities

The participants gave opinion about the presented idea and realization of the web application “Become an Eco-Ambassador”.

Young people with disabilities will have the opportunity to be included in environmental and sustainable development issues. This is the goal of Erasmus Plus funded project INSIDEE (INclusion through SustaInable Development and European Eco-citizenship).