Asociacion de Personas con Discapacidad Verdiblanca – Spain

Verdiblanca is an association and non profit organization with almost 2.000 members, all of them with different kinds of disabilities (physical, sensoryor intellectual).It has two facilities: The main is located in Almería (Spain) and another is in Seville.The organization is integrated in :- Local Entities such as : FAAM (Local Federation of associations of disabled people), Fundación Mediterránea (Educational Entity at AlmeríaUniversity )- Local Council of disability Regional entities such as : Regional Council of disability, Network : Andalucía Inclusiva (Inclusive Andalusian)- Association of Special Employment Centres (ACECA) State level entities such as : National Federation of Associations of People with Physical andOrganic Disabilities (Cocemfe), National Federation of Associations of Special Employment Centres (FEACEM).Verdiblanca has a Special Employment Center where more than 500 employees work and at least 75% of them have some disability (physical,sensory and/or intellectual) and has a Volunteer Plan with 30 members and it is involved in the mobility project assuming the roles of sending andreceiving organisation.Verdiblanca goals are the following:- Integration and normalization of disabled people.- Job creation for disabled people.- Promoting activities of leisure and free time to improve their integration in society.- Assistance services adapted to the needs of disabled people ( assessment and relationship with other organizations, government, associations,social inclusion platforms, central health services, etc. )- Supporting social/voluntary work- Assesment in accessibility and adapted transport- Legal Advice to improve the rights of disabled people.- Training and education (training practices with other educational organizations: universities, colleges, etc.)- Specific training for disabled people in order to improve their skillset.- Communication and awareness spreading about the relevance of the social integration of disabled people.- Help and Home Assistance.- Daytime center with 49 disabled people with special needs where they are trained new skills for their life.

Socio-cultural Animation Programme includes social and cultural actions to stimulate the initiative and participation of groups and communities ofpeople with disabilities in the process of their own development, in harmony with the rest of society.Verdiblanca understands the need to overcome this group to which it represents and that pursues a complete normalization and social integration.- Programs and campaigns of diffusion, sensitization and communication to promote the social integration of the people in risk of social exclusion, asthey are the people with disability.- Assesment in accessibility.- Social and labour integration of handicapped people with innovative programme.- Training and education for members.- Lobby in differents networkings, conseils and platforms to promote the integration and normalization of disabled people.- It is involved in the mobility project assuming the roles of sending and receiving organisation with the programme Erasmus+.