Association «Nyama nevazmozhni neshta» – Bulgaria

The main goal of NGO Association NNN is to improve the quality of life of the young people with mental/educational/social difficulties.We combine efforts with parents, specialists, volunteers, institutions, local government and the community, to develop social services for youngpeople at risk.The objectives of Association “NNN”are:- To develop social services for children and young people at risk of social exclusion- To create conditions for equal opportunities, training and development, career development of young people with fewer opportunities- To focus public attention on the problems of disadvantaged people and to motivate public empathy and involvement in solving them- To train, develop and motivate volunteers- To organize and conduct youth activities- To promote the universal values of tolerance, peace, democracy, respect for human rights, active citizenship, intercultural and interreligiousdialogue and participation.Youth training center:- The team includes 7 specialists- Over 20 young volunteers- Provided Social & Educational help to over 40 youngsters with different disabilitiesSocial enterprise:- Provided work for 6 young people with mental disabilities

The organisation has started innovative center for development (Klub Hvarchilo = Club “Kite”) – where the young people find professional help andnew friends, engaging in trainings to develop their skills in: communication, adaptation in workplace, independent Living, cope in difficult situations,sports and leisure activities.Association “NNN” had provided Social & Educational support to over 40 youngsters.Association “NNN” has started a social enterprise “Equal start” which provides protected workplaces for the young people or helps them to find asuitable job.The organization initiates successful collaboration between the three sectors – NGO, business and local authorities.The organisation has provide projects connected with:- Social & Educational support- Entrepreneurship- Farming and smart farming- Healthy lifestyle Motivation and including young volunteers- trainings, motivation activitiesSome of our projects:- Youth exchange „LETS ART“- Young people passing knowledge to peers- how to communicate better- how to express myself better- how to communicate and work together with people with special needs- how to become more open and easier to work with- how to adopt a variety of skills that will increase my self- confidence- Youth workers exchange „SEE Possibilities“- to present the idea of the social entrepreneurship- how to start social enterprise / partnership- Youth employmentYoung people with mental disabilities have their first job in our own Social enterprise.