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Social organization from France

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Social organization from Spain

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Environmental organization from Italy

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Ecological food education – Latvia

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Educational organization from Italy

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Social organization from Bulgaria

Project results

  • Research on contents and features of educational activities
  • Blended Course for Trainers
  • Learning Materials for final users
  • Tool to become an “Eco-Ambassador”
  • Multiplier Events

This project will contribute to the awareness of young people of the effects of human action on the environment, the risks and consequences of anon-respectful behavior on natural resources. Through non-formal education and the organization of support activities, they will be encouraged to put into practice eco-actions which can have a positive impact and will lead to increase their possibilities to change things as citizens at a local and European level.
To reach this goal, we plan:

*To provide participants with knowledge on the impacts of their lifestyle and human activity (social, professional….) on the environment and to create adapted tools for the development of their skills / capacities in these fields.

*To enable young people, through the use of non-formal education tools and methods, to discover how they influence and have an impact on the environment.

*To imagine, share and implement individual and collective actions to reduce the environmental impact of human activities in four areas: water, energy, food and waste.

*To develop a sustainable culture and attitudes, reinforce critical thinking, initiative and sense of personal and social responsibility and participatein strengthening an eco-responsible European citizenship.

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INclusion  through SustaInable Development and European Eco-citizenship