Euridea – Italy

Euridea Srl is a private vocational training and adult education agency.It provides educational activities and training courses, both in classroom and through the Internet, aimed at employed, unemployed and/ordisadvantaged people.Euridea provided, as training agency accredited by the Tuscany Region, courses in many different fields, specializing in those of culture, socialservices and tourism.As required to accredited institutions by national law, the quality management system of the the company was certified according to ISO 9001-2008standard.Euridea currently counts 2 payed staff members and employs a large number of teachers/tutors on a project basis.
Euridea gained a considerable experience in the sector of care of people with mental disability. Particularly worth mentioning are:a) the “Prospettiva” project.It offered an innovative approach to care for mentally disabled person, proposing a model of social enterprise where the solidaristic aim is supportedwith management skills that guarantee both efficiency and satisfaction of disabled person and their families.The project achieved its aims through:• preliminary research activity on supply and demand of care services for disabled people• training of managers of social enterprises and case managers• support to business creation.The project, designed by Euridea, was implemented by the University of Florence, Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche e Psichiatriche, Eurideaand Camera del Lavoro Firenze, and was funded by Regione Toscana with ESF resourcesb) the “Sentieri” project.Fundend by the Province of Prato with ESF resources, it was aimed at supporting a group made of nine people, seven of them mentally disabled, insetting up a business in the sectors of mountain paths maintenance, environment protection, management of hospitality and cathering services inrural areas.To this end, the project carried out training activities and also support activities for setting up the business and launch it.The project was supported by several municipalities in the Prato Area, Legambiente, and local authorities in the field of public health.In addition to its specific experience in the field of vocational and adult education, Euridea Srl will make available to the partnership its expertise indesign of eLearning courses, acquired in numerous projects at local and European level, using Moodle and other CMS tools.This includes the transfer of innovative practices, among which are particularly worth mentioning those related to the employment of Open Badgesfor registration of learning achievements and promotion of one’s own skills and knowledge in social networks.Euridea’s experience in socio-economic research will be particularly useful in the needs analysis phase, in which it will provide both methodologicaland operational support, contributing to sample and questionnaires design.Key persons employed in the project area:a) the managing director of the company, graduated in econometrics and expert in design and management of ODL/elearning courses andemployment of ePortfolios and Open Badges in Vocational training; he is also a chartered (by Tuscany Regional Government) expert in assessmentof learning outcomes.b) assistant expert in management of Moodle sites and administrative matters.